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Drought effected farmers get relief on power charges in Queensland

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DROUGHT-affected farmers throughout  Queensland have received help with their electricity bills.

Treasurer Curtis Pitt said Ergon Energy had waived the fixed charge component of electricity bills for more than 1500 accounts since April 30 to help farmers.

“While technically the declaration for this area was lifted at the end of April, Ergon has rightly continued waiving fixed charges for farmers through to last month,” he said.

“The normal charges are being reinstated into electricity bills, but before they are, we gave farmers additional time to switch tariffs to options with lower fixed charges for farmers and irrigators.”

Energy and Water Supply Minister Mark Bailey said farmers and irrigators could use electricity under any one of three specific transitional farming and irrigation tariffs or two general business tariffs.

“Providing a time-limited waiver on fixed charges is a small but practical way of helping to alleviate some of the financial stresses farmers face,” he said.

“In particular I’d like to acknowledge Canegrowers for their advocacy on this important issue and quickly alerting government to the difficulties farmers faced with the lifting of the drought-declared status.”

North Burnett and Banana Shire farmers were also given waivers.

“Right now the important thing is helping farmers get back on their feet as our drought-hit communities start to recover,” Mr Pitt said.


Henry Sapiecha

August 11th, 2015
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