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Aussie cattle dog chasing the American dream

HAPPY FAMILY-Gorgeous Hervey Bay blue cattle dog Chevy at his new home in Virginia, USA. image www.ozrural.com.au

LOVABLE expat Chevy, an Australian blue cattle dog who now lives in America, is having a barking good time with family abroad.

Rescued by the Wide Bay Animal Rescue in Hervey Bay last year, beautiful but deaf Chevy last year caught the eye of Virginia visitor Renee Saraceni, who adopted the playful pup and flew him back to her home shared with partner Tommy Bayer.

Since then, Chevy has travelled to New York and is now the proud “fur-sibling” of the loving couple’s daughter. Ms Saraceni and Mr Bayer had also adopted a red heeler and rescue pet named Fallon as a playmate for Chevy.

“They have non-stop fun playing and running in the yard,” said Ms Saraceni.

To keep updated on Chevy’s adventures visit: facebook.com/Chevytoamerica


Henry Sapiecha

May 5th, 2015
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