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The good news for consumers is that there are lots of affordable mangoes in the supermarkets right now.

The bad news for growers, is the average price has dropped below $30 a tray in some markets.

The Northern Territory trucked over 536,000 trays of mangoes to markets around Australia last week, as the Darwin region hit its peak harvest period.

Boyd Arthur, from the Australian Mango Industry Association, says quality fruit is still getting good money.

“The price is supporting quality fruit, but non-quality fruit is not demanding the price,” he said.

“So we’re really encouraging growers to look hard at their fruit and readjust their thoughts on sending the lower grades into a market which is heavily saturated at the moment.”

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New facility to boost quality research for Top End mangoes

Meanwhile, a specialised fruit ripening facility has been official opened at the Coastal Plains Research Farm in the Northern Territory.

NT Minister for Primary Industry, Willem Westra van Holthe, said it was a fantastic new initiative that would see huge benefits to industry.

“More than 5,000 mangoes are being ripened in the facility as part of a collaborative research project investigating the causes of resin canal defect (RCD) in mangoes and possible mitigation strategies,” he said.

“This new $50,000 building has instruments that can record temperature, humidity, ethylene and CO2 levels, which will help strengthen the Territory mango industry.

“By observing mango ripening patterns in closely controlled conditions, we can duplicate commercial practices post-packaging through the supply chain and identify how RCD develops, so that it can be eliminated.

“The result will be an optimum post-harvest handling system, providing a quality standard that will benefit consumers and producers and enhance the NT’s reputation as a consistent producer of top quality fruit.”

Henry Sapiecha

November 8th, 2014
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