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Does Australian manuka honey contain antibacterial qualities. Opportunities for farmers & bee keepers

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Australian manuka trees could be harbouring liquid gold, if new research is correct.

Researchers at the Sydney’s University of Technology ithree institute will spend the next five years attempting to prove that honey produced from Australian manuka trees contain antibacterial qualities.

Dr Liz Harry says results from the study have the potential to place Australian beekeepers on a more levelled playing field with New Zealand, who currently produce the majority of medical grade honey.

She says that, if the research is successful Australia’s honey sector, could increase profits by as much as 50 per cent a year.

“The purpose [of our research] is to increase the money per kilo… that beekeepers will get for their honey,” she said.

“We fully expect we will see the correlation between the compounding honey that is also in New Zealand manuka [products], and the antibacterial activity.

“The project is for five years… and we will make sure that this is extensive as possible so that all beekeepers in Australia benefit.

“I expect that within about five years we should see really solid increases in prices.”

Henry Sapiecha

October 30th, 2014
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