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Farmers wants more for city members

NSW Farmers has put a call out to Sydney-based potential members to join up.

The move could broaden the lobbying power of farmers – or will it dilute the message?

Matt Brand, CEO of NSW Farmers, says the move is designed to spread the word about farming and the production of food and fibre into the cities.

“But we also want to regain contact with people who come from a farming background but are now city based.

“It could also increase our lobbying power. We have judges, lawyers and investment bankers that have an interest in farming and they could help us spread our message to the powerbrokers.

“We might also be able to encourage investment in the agriculture sector and rejuvenate the ‘Pitt Street farmer’ and stimulate investment,” Mr Brand said.

NSW Farmers has also called on the NSW Government to reinstate climate maps indicating where the areas of drought are in the state.

“Maps indicating the areas of drought in NSW provide recognition to farmers that the government understands the challenging circumstances they are facing,” Mr Brand said.

“The continuing drought conditions across more than 50 per cent of the state were increasing mental health concerns in the bush.”

Henry Sapiecha

October 9th, 2014
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