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ONE SHOT COW VACCINE against Mannheimia haemolytica

Mannheimia haemolytica vaccine by Pfizer available now

A ONE-SHOT vaccine to protect cattle from the Mannheimia haemolytica (MH) bacteria commonly associated with bovine respiratory disease has been launched by Pfizer Animal Health.

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The product called Bovi-Shield MH-One is administered as a single dose at induction when cattle are most vulnerable to infection, without the need for a follow-up dose.

Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) is the most common cause of illness and death in feedlot cattle.

A statement from Pfizer said a single 2mL dose of Bovi-Shield MH-One had been proven to provide the powerful immune response necessary for protection against MH. Protection develops within seven days of vaccination and persists for at least 17 weeks.

“This means that when given at the time of induction, cattle will be protected by the time BRD most commonly manifests, at around 17-21 days on feed. No other vaccine can achieve this with just one shot,” the statement said.

The product is available from feedlot veterinarians.
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February 9th, 2013
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