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Flash floods: how to predict them better?

Professor in Climatology and Water Resources, Roger Stone, discusses new technology that can detect flash flooding 24 hours ahead of time.

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Bligh: The crisis has deepened seriously

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh outlines the scale of the flood crisis, saying she holds grave fears for those who are still missing.

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Brisbane in flood

Brisbane is preparing for its biggest flood in 118 years.

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Historic photos of Brisbane’s 1974 floods

Brisbane’s most devastating floods occurred after weeks of rain in late January 1974. The Brisbane River broke its banks and flooded thousands of homes.

Queensland flood death toll to rise ‘dramatically’

11 Jan Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has warned the death toll from the devastating floods that swept through the Toowoomba region yesterday may rise “quite dramatically”.

Donate to Queensland’s flood victims

7 Jan Help the victims of Queensland’s worst disaster in recorded history with a donation to the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.

Full coverage: Queensland floods

The latest news, photos and video from the disaster sweeping Queensland.

Wall of water heads for Wivenhoe Dam

11 Jan Authorities are conducting new modelling to see what the wall of water ripping through the Lockyer Valley will mean for Wivenhoe Dam, Premier Anna Bligh says.

1700 NSW residents cut off by floods

9:01am More than 1700 people are stranded in their homes by floodwaters in northern NSW, as river levels continue to rise.

A terror that took their breath away … and it’s coming again

1:34pm Residents have described the “horrific” moments when a brown wall of water headed towards them as devastating floods swept through the Toowoomba region in Queensland yesterday.

‘They were petrified. Absolutely petrified’

10:45am Toowoomba man tells of his distress at watching two women wash away in floodwaters.

100,000 to lose power, supermarkets bare as flooding crisis continues

11 Jan Floodwaters are moving into West End in the heart of Brisbane, as a ‘wall of water’ heads for Wivenhoe Dam.

Floods claim child in Ipswich region

3:38pm A child has been killed in floodwaters in the Ipswich region.

Wivenhoe at 190 per cent and rising

4:09pm Wivenhoe Dam has reached 190 per cent capacity and is continuing to rise, despite increases being made to controlled releases.

‘The house just floated past’

4:26pm Graphic stories are emerging of the desperate struggle for life that played out in the devastated town of Grantham when flash floods hit.

As floodwaters rise, supermarkets stripped bare

5:12pm Brisbane supermarkets have been stripped bare by shoppers seeking flood supplies, while some stores have been forced to close early due to staff shortages.

More than 50,000 lose power, more blackouts to come

6:10am More than 50,000 customers in the southeast are without power this morning as flooding begins to inundate homes in Brisbane and Ipswich

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January 12th, 2011

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