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USA Feds consider livestock drug ban

At long last the feds could start taking my advice — but someone in Washington must be a Dose reader.

As you know, there’s been a call for banning  antibiotics in livestock for years… and amazingly, it could actually happen — because the feds have done a complete about-face on the issue.

It’s about time!

Antibiotics are routinely give to animals like cows and pigs to help ward off disease in their filthy close quarters — and also because the drugs help the animals get fatter faster — and on 30 percent less feed.

Want to know how bad it is? Prepare to be stunned: Livestock are given 70 percent of all the antibiotics in this country.

And if you think that’s intimidating the bacteria, you don’t know these little bugs. They’re rapidly developing resistance to antibiotics — and when they learn to resist an animal drug, like the virginiamycin given to pigs, they will also resist the similar human drug — in this case, Synercid.

In other words, your pork loin or rump roast could come pre-loaded with dangerous bacteria that’s already resistant to any drug you might take if you get sick from that tainted meat.

After years of denying this, both the FDA and CDC are saying — whoops! — they were wrong.

So now, the FDA is proposing a complete ban on antibiotics in livestock, except to treat sick animals — and then, only administered by a veterinarian. But of course, all the FDA can do is propose and recommend… real change would require a law, and don’t hold your breath waiting for that — not when the meat industry will spend any amount to fight this.

And even if by some miracle all antibiotics in livestock were banned, factory farms would still be filthy disease mills unworthy of providing food for your family.

Cows are plumped up with hormones and a diet of soy and other grains — with farmyard filth often mixed into the feed. And if that’s not disgusting enough, they’re slaughtered in filthy stinkholes.

So even if you hear that all antibiotics have been banned from livestock, my advice won’t change: Stick to organic grass-fed beef from small farms.

You’ll pay more, of course — and it’ll be worth every last penny.


Sourced & published by Henry Sapiecha

August 20th, 2010
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